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Located 35 miles North of Tulsa off of Highway 169 is your complete cattle, horse, and pet headquarters. With a huge inventory, reputable products, great location, and knowledgeable staff, we look forward to assisting you in making your farm and ranch more successful.
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Mid America Farm & Ranch will be collecting pet items for Christmas pets in need. We are working with a local non-profit pet organization in collecting any dog/cat food, toys, treats & bedding in time for Christmas. Let's help our local pets in need this year. We will be collecting items through December 17th, 2014. If would like to donate any pet items, please drop them off at Mid America Farm & Ranch.


What's New At The Store


  Chaffhaye is crafted from premium-quality alfalfa forage. A fermintation initiates in the bag, transforming the alfalfa or grass into a "super soluble" forage. This "pre-digestion" process closely mimics the digestive activity in the hindgut of a healthy horse. Chaffehaye is safe for insulin resistant, laminitus or obese horses being low starch and low sugar.

  • one bag of Chaffehaye is equal to 1.5 bales of good quality hay
  • easily digested, making it the perfect solution for senior horses
  • chaffhaye is blister beetle free!!
  • $14.00 / Bale
  • 9% P    1.8% F   11% Fiber
  • Ideal for horses, cattle, deer, elk, sheep & goats

                                                      QLF Ignite Livestock Tubs

 Mineral and vitamins play key roles in all areas of beef production, including reproduction functions, herd health and calf performance. Research has proven that rate of gain and feed efficiencies can be impacted by a wide range of dietary minerals. QLF Ignite tubs are formulated with minerals and vitamins to fit the needs of your livestock.  *Placing one 200 pound tub for every 15-20 head of livestock is important to reduce over-consumption. Adequate salt and fresh, clean water should be provided at all times.

  • Controlled, Consistent Consumption
  • High Energy/Nutrient Dense
  • Vitamin & Mineral Fortified
  • Highly Palatable
  • Increased Forage Digestion
  • Weather Resistant
  • Convenient/Labor Saving

20%(protein)-7%(NPN) 5.5%(fat)...200# 

28%(protein)-16%(NPN) 5.5%(fat)...200#

25%(protein)-5%(fat) ALL NATURAL...200#





Alan's Pick Of The Month

  • MAFR Bonanza Performance Horse ---Regular price $12.50   SALE @ $12.00!!!

Bonanza's Performance Horse is a high protein, high fat formula that offers quality protein and energy with balanced minerals for your equine partner. It offers a balanced ration suitable for GROWTH, PERFORMANCE, BREEDING & MAINTENANCE in horses.  Features of this feed include:

  • Enhances hair coat, shine and BLOOM by offering a "cool energy" fat source or Soy Oil @ 7% fat reducing thermal load in working horses, resulting in better stamina and endurance with minimal starch.
  • Reduce the "grain high" by acheiving a better quality ration in lower volume per feeding.
  • Contains highly palatable GROSTRONG premium minerals with 27 vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals and electrolytes in appropriate ratios appropriate for horses from foals to adults.
  • Contains CITRISTIM- an ADM propietary feed ingredient which is a source of yeast a=mannans and beta glucans that may favorably impactgut microbial population.
  • All Natural, does not contain preservatives.

Crude Protein 14.00%         Crude Fat 7.00%

Salt min 0.05%                    Crude Fiber 14.00%

Salt max 1.00%                    Calcium min 1.00%

Copper 75 ppm                     Calcium max 1.50%                

Selenium 0.3 ppm                 Phosphorus 0.50%

Zinc 200 ppm                        Potassium 0.60%

Vitamin A 3500 IU/lb           Vitamin D3 500 IU/lb

Vitamin E 65IU/lb

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