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Preparing Your Mare for Breeding Season


 Scott Madill, DVM, University of Minnesota
Not having your mare in optimal condition to conceive when you are ready to breed her results lower in fertility, frustration, and financial losses that can extend through this season and into next. The critical things to check for are: is she having regular heat cycles, does she have a uterine infection, and is she in good body condition? Her maintenance healthcare including vaccinations, deworming and preventative dental work should be also reviewed and updated several weeks before going to stud.
  • To ensure she is having regular cycles and ovulating the mare needs to be exposed to increasing day length starting 2 to 2.5 months before you want to breed her. For example, for mare owners wanting to breed in February, the supplemental lighting program should have started right after Thanksgiving or early in December. The supplemental light is added in the evening, and in the winter, this generally means the lights need to be on until 11pm.
  • From a nutrition stand point, the critical aspect is her body condition. Mares in moderate to good condition are more likely to cycle and conceive than those that are too thin or grossly overweight. Ideally, at the time she is bred, the mare has been in moderate condition and is adding just a little weight.
  • Make sure she has been dewormed and that her shots are up to date. Your veterinarian can develop a vaccination schedule that fits your specific needs.
  • Have your vet do a pre-breeding exam to make sure your mare's reproductive tract is healthy. This exam is more expensive for an older or maiden mare and may include a test to make sure her hormone levels are normal, as well as a uterine culture to make sure she doesn't have a bacterial infection.













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