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Do you special order products?

Yes. There are countless products that are vendors make or distribute that we do not stock. From feed to tack, we can special order.

Do you allow charge accounts?

Very few customers are allowed to charge at MAFR. Most of these charge accounts were inherited from our parent company, MAF. To continue to offer excellent prices, it is pertinent we keep the amount of accounts receivables at a conservative level.

Do you all charge for using credit cards?

At this time we have not had to implement any charges for the use of credit cards. We take the following credit cards: Visa, Discover, Master Card, and American Express

Do you all price match?

We do not use price-matching as a sales tactic to obtain more customers or increase sales. We are confident that you will find our products of quality and with competitive prices. The relationships with our vendors and the volume that we sell allow us to purchase products at good prices so we can in turn [...]

Is there a ton quantity price break on our feed?

a. Yes. We offer a tonnage discount on our Bonanza Feeds. b. We are offering however volume prices on some other products. Current products that are receiving volume discounts are: 1. Pet food 2. Protein Tubs 3. Mineral 4. Shavings 5. T-posts and barbwire 6. Ropes 7. Net Wrap / Hay twine / Baler wire

Do you deliver?

Yes and No. Mid America Feeds (MAF) owns and operates the logistics of our bulk trucks and box trailers. Permitting their trucks are not too busy delivering feed to MAF’s dealers then we do on occasion deliver a few products to ranches. These trucks typically hold approximately 12 ton or pallets and are usually hauling [...]